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Financial Transparency

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Public Comments on Proposed Rulemaking

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has requested that we publish these links to encourage boards of trustees/governing boards, administrators, teachers, and parents to participate in the process for adopting rules that affect public education in Texas. It will also assist in complying with the requirements of Texas Education Code (TEC), §39.001, which requires the commissioner of education to solicit input from stakeholders who may be affected by proposed rules adopted under TEC, Chapter 39, Public School System Accountability.

The links are as follows:

Tax Rate
Fiscal Year Maintenance & Operations Interest & Sinking Total Tax Rate
 2020-21  0.9534 0.4650 1.4184
2019-20 0.97 0.4675 1.4375
2018-19 1.04 0.47 1.51
2017-18 1.04 0.47187 1.51187
2016-17 1.04 0.47187 1.51187
2015-16 1.04 0.47187 1.51187
2014-15 1.04 0.47187 1.51187
2013-14 1.04 0.47187 1.51187

Travis County Truth in Taxation Website
Williamson County Truth in Taxation Website

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