Financial Leadership LISD

Financial Leadership LISD

The Financial Leadership LISD Program is on hiatus until the 2020-2021 school year.

Financial Leadership LISD is an opportunity that provides community members an inside look at the financial aspects of Leander ISD. This program came about in Spring 2015, by the Board of Trustee's request, in an effort to remain transparent and engaged with our community. Financial Leadership LISD participants will interactively explore first-hand how school finance operates, and offer insightful feedback that supports LISD's continuous improvement efforts.


This administrative committee is intended to mirror Leadership Leander ISD, with a focus on the topics which directly impact our finances. The generous support from business partners has allowed this program to be offered at no cost to the participants, and food shall be provided at each meeting.

The leadership committee will meet monthly with the Chief Financial Officer, beginning in late October. Each meeting will begin at 11:30 a.m. and have an agenda posted prior to the meeting. A few of the topics which will be presented and discussed include:

  • Annual Audit Report
  • Budget and Related Process
  • Debt Service
  • Demographer Report
  • Human Resources / Staffing
  • School Finance Overview
  • Teaching and Learning

The Chief Financial Officer will update the Board of Trustees at the conclusion of the year's meetings.