Guiding Documents

The LISD Vision is "engage, inspire, achieve for life-long success."
The LISD Goals are:
1) Maximize academic growth for each student.
2) Prepare each student for college and career success.
3) Inspire the whole child.
4) Engage each student in relevant learning. 
5) Ensure a world class workforce focused on student achievement.
6) Manage district resources effectively. 
7) Communicate effectively with our community to build relationships. 

Guiding Documents consist of the Graduate Profile, Ten Ethical Principles and the LISD Learning Model. Another foundational document used in Leander ISD is the Student Learning Behaviors.

10 Ethical Principles Graduate Profile A photo of the LISD Learning Model

Honesty - telling the truth

Integrity - doing the right thing

Promise-keeping - doing what you say you are going to do

Loyalty - supporting someone or something

Concern for Others - caring for and helping others

Law-abidance/Civic Duty
- obeying rules and laws/making the world a better place

Respect for Others
- being polite and kind to everyone and everything

Fairness - treating everyone equally

Pursuit of Excellence - doing everything the best you can; looking for ways to improve

Accountability - taking responsibility for your actions, and taking pride in what you do right
Leander ISD's Learning Model is a research-based model for instruction in LISD. It was implemented district wide in 2006 as a tool to provide LISD with guidance on how classrooms and schools can effectively enhance student achievement.

At the center and heart of the Learning Model is “Focus on Student Learning.” This is district's singular purpose for existing and is considered in every new opportunity and decision made throughout LISD.

The result of three years of collaborative work by principals, instructional leaders and teachers at all levels across the district, the Leander ISD Student Learning Model is both a target and a guide as the district seeks to become the best in the world at guiding student learning.
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